VPN Sentry-GW

Being able to control, share, securely send important data is a real concern.

As a result, in parallel with the development of the "general public" VPN,

Automatronic has decided to develop its own software, not to mention its specialty, telemanagement.

Sentry-Gw is complete, meeting your interconnection needs.

Whether you are at the office, on the move, in Asia, Europe or Africa, keep an eye on your facilities 24 hours a day, through a private and secure network.

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With Sentry-Gw, focus on security and reliability:
  • Secure connection of your network at a lower cost

  • Extension of local networks and preservation of logical security within a local network

  • Reduced attacks by hackers and IP protection

  • Enhanced privacy


Sentry-Gw is a simple, intuitive and ergonomic VPN:
  • Easy to set up

  • With only one VPN access, several computers are protected

  • No equipment or additional network access

  • Communicate with your facilities

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VPN Management Interface