Centralized Technical Management

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Automatronic provides all types of sensors useful in a building with or without wires:
temperature, humidity, pressure, brightness.

We also offer the possibility according to your needs and at all prices to manage your buildings remotely.
You can follow in real time the energy consumption of your buildings, you identify the worst performers, you check, in one-click, the effectiveness of your action plans.

You communicate with your employees and promote the adoption of good practices.

1) Collect energy consumption 

A fully automated collection of your energy consumption from:
- Meters (water, gas, electricity ...)
- Sub-counters (Countis, Wi-Lem, ...)
- Wired or wireless solutions, perfectly integrated into your installations without any modification of it.

2) Communicate on energy consumption 

For broadcast via intranet (and / or internet) of detailed information, presented in a
clear and attractive way.

3) Alert and act in real time 

You automatically generate alerts to resolve the identified problems:
consumption drifts, water leaks.

You control your bills and set up real energy accounting.
You intervene remotely on your installations.

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