Flowmeters and Calorimeters


Automatronic offers many types of ultrasonic flow meters and calorimeters to meet the need for measurement
many applications.

This type of measurement has the following advantages:

  • No part is mobile (no loss of pressure, no mechanical wear)
  • Non-intrusive measurement (the sensors are placed outside the pipe, no work is necessary on it)
  • Excellent value
  • Easy to install without the need to stop the installation


The Principle of Ultrasonic Measurement


The ultrasonic measurement of the difference in transit time allows the measurement of volume flow of all types of liquids.
Ultrasonic flow measurement is based on this elementary effect, the difference in transit time.
Several sensors mounted on the pipe emit and simultaneously receive ultrasonic pulses.

When the fluid is in motion, the transit time in the direction of flow is reduced and that in the opposite direction is increased.
The difference in measured transit time is then proportional to the flow rate and therefore to the volume flow rate.