ATM-DATA: Monitoring Software

ATM-DATA software is a new concept of remote monitoring that offer a smart communication interface to follow your installations.

ATM-DATA exploit the power of the internet to transfer and archive data using its «push» technology. It has a powerful mechanism for viewing this data via a web interface.

It was the missing link between classical industrial supervision and the concepts of remote management using the Internet.

Only ATM-DATA makes possible exploiting the best of these different worlds by offering an advanced, powerful, simple, intuitive and very convenient remote monitoring solution.

ATM-DATA in combination with SENTRY-GW also allows direct access to the web page hosted in your equipment in order to view your installations in real time.

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Historical View: Installation’s Historical can be viewed using a powerful tool.

Automatic export to CSV: in two clicks, you can generate csv files over the period of your choice in order to be able to make reports.

GPS graphic localization: ATM-DATA also allows you to geolocate your installations and to view the one that might be in default.

Unlimited remote access: ATM-DATA allows several users connected to the network to view their data using a web browser.

Advanced report module: an optional report module based on ATM-REPORT software is available as an option, allowing the generation of professional statistical reports from the historical data stored in the ATM-DATA database.