Low cost ultrasonic flowmeter Features

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Powerful Functions
Current output: 4-20mA, one channel, can be used for flow/heat transmitter;
OCT output: two channel, can be used for flow / heat switch;
Current input: 4-20mA, three channel, can be used for data collector;
Tri-wire resistance signal input (PT100): two channel, can be used for calorimeter.

Far transmission distance
Connect flow/heat module and secondary meter through RS-485 interface, transmission distance up to 1000m.
Solve the problems of high cost of special cable, poor anti-interference, short transmission distance etc.

Wide measuring range
Several types transducer for selection, pipe size from DN 15mm to DN 6000mm

High Accuracy measuring
Accuracy: ±1%, linearity: 0.5%, repeatability: 0.2%